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1911 look up please............................

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Cannot find these families in 1911.

Sarah Ann Milsom, 1861-1939 widow up to 1901 living in Bristol

Ernest Milsom 1883-1958 Bristol
Wife Laura Elizabeth 1884-1974
Olive May 1906-1938
Marion Martha 1909-2004

Ernest was Sarah Ann's son

Any help would be appreciated


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Could this be Sarah Ann living Kingswood Bristol

Sarah Ann Milson 50 widow
Albert Milson 26 son
Ellis Victor Milson 14 son

All born Kingswood Glos

It says Milson but original looks more like "m" at the end.


No luck finding Ernest & Co in 1911 but there is a rather dashing photo of Olive May on ancestry plus photos of Ernest and Laura and other family members.

Can send you a link if you haven't already seen them  cat

Thanks for the offer but already have the photo of Olive, also her sister Marian as well.


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