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A Jarrett tangle..............................

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Joseph Jarrett born 1863 Bristol, married Lillie Wride born 1862 Bristol, in 1884.

According to the 1911 census (original) they had 6 children 1 died.

Joseph 1885-1887
Joseph 1887-1951
Beatrice Maude 1890-1966
Gertrude May 1891-1979
Ralph Samuel 1900-1996
Herbert Henry 1903-1978

On FreeBMD Found 3 births for Joseph one in 1885 and one in 1887 and another in 1885, also found a death in 1887, but age 0. On familysearch there is a baptism for Joseph born 1885 but cannot see one for the second Joseph. The rest of the siblings all have been baptised so why not Joseph born 1887?

Births Mar 1885 (>99%)
Jarrett Joseph Barton Regis 6a 93

Births Sep 1885 (>99%)
Jarrett Joseph Barton R. 6a 89

Births Mar 1887 (>99%)
JARRETT Joseph Barton R. 6a 98

Deaths Mar 1887 (>99%)
Jarrett Joseph 0 Barton R. 6a 77

There is another death which could be the right age but in Gloucester not Bristol

Deaths Jun 1885 (>99%)
Jarrett Joseph 1 Gloucester 6a 195

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm helping a friend with her tree at the moment and there's a couple who have 14 children, but only baptise Nos 1, 2 and 12.  

I looked on FS, but couldn't find a Joseph Jarrett at all, so well done on finding the baptism for one of them.  Which parish did the family live in, to help narrow it down, pls?


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I couldn't find it on FS either.  

My family with Thomas only baptise the first 5 out of 9.  

I did notice there is a big gap between Gertrude 1891 and Ralph 1900.  Wonder if the missing child isn't another Joseph (he was someone else's) and there was one born/died between 1891/1901.

The 1911 is cute. Samuel Wride 73 presume wife's father is down as a son but they have written Grampa awwwww.


Found the baptism for Joseph now. Sure it wasn't there this morning  Laughing 

Joseph Jarrett 5 July 1885 - Joseph and Lily
Two Mile Hill, St Michael, Gloucestershire, England

but we also have to confuse matters

Joseph George Jarrett 4 Jan 1885 - Joseph Henry and Sarah Ann
Bristol, St Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, England


burial: 7 February 1887 Two Mile Hill, St Michael, Gloucestershire, England
residence: 7 February 1887 Two Mile Hill, St Michael, Gloucestershire

Same place as the baptism for your Joseph.

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