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Cannot see the wood for the trees, help please

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Hester Hayward born 1840 (c) Rendcomb Gloucestershire, parents John and Mary Hayward.

On the 1871 census Hester is a servant to a John Joynes (could be a r)  a farmer.  In 1878 she appears to have married John.

On the 1881 census they have 2 children and that is were the problems start.

Daughter Mary born 1876, found a birth reg for her on the Gloucestershire BMD which gives the mother's maiden names, well according to this reg Mary's mother maiden name is Hemming.

Son John Henry born 1879 no problem.

John may of been married before?


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Only had time for the quickest of looks, but see that on the 1871 census, it has John as "married" ...

Tried the link to the Gloucs records, but couldn't get any results.  Must not have been doing it properly.

Will try to look again tomorrow if no-one else has chipped in before then.


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There's a John Joyner marriage in Cheltenham (same dist as the marriage to your Hester) in Mar 1867.

However the bride is Mary Westmancoat not Mary Hemming.

I can't get any results on that Glos link either and the only Mary (Ann) Joyner birth on Free BMD for 1876 is in Plymouth  silent 


Could Mary have come to the marriage via the wife not via the husband?

There's a Mary Hayward birth in Cheltenham Jun 1876.

In 1911 Hester says she has had 3 children. In 1891 we have

Mary 15
John H 12
Sarah 9


The 1871 is interesting. As STG noted it says John is married but it also says Hester is married though they both initially had a U for unmarried then crossed out!

On that basis I don't think either had been married before do you?

But if they actually were "together as a couple" in 1871 and married by 1881 was he the father of Mary or not.

That my friends is the question  Cool 


Thanks for your imput which is rather interesting. Will have to look further back.


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