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Can't find Sarah in 1841

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1 Can't find Sarah in 1841 on Fri May 01, 2015 10:01 pm


Can anyone find this girl in 1841 please?  

Sarah Loasby born 1832 Kettering Northants.

Her parents were William Loasby and Sybil/Sybella Smith who married the year after she was born.

Now for some reason she isn't with them in 1841

William Loosley
Sebyl Loosley
Warren Loosley
James Loosley
William Lever Loosley
8 Mo

To complicate matters there are 2 or 3 Loasby families in the same area with a daughter Sarah born around the same time - all with father William  pale  

All suggestions welcome thank you.

PS Have her later on so she hasn't died by 1841

2 Re: Can't find Sarah in 1841 on Sun May 03, 2015 1:20 pm

If her parents didn't marry until Sarah was a year old, are we looking for Sarah Loasby or Sarah Smith?

If Smith, then wonder if she's with Sybil's parents - whoever they were - nearby?

But then Smith, ugh, what a name to be searching for Sad

Am full of a cold at the moment, so no real use to man nor beast Sad


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3 Re: Can't find Sarah in 1841 on Sun May 03, 2015 10:44 pm


Grandparents were George and Sarah Smith but I don't know if they were still alive in 1841.

No real reason she should be a Smith, she doesn't marry as one, but it is odd she isn't with family in 1841.

Not sure we have her in 1851 either come to think of it - she marries in 1853.

Poor you being full of cold Sad hope you get better soon flower

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