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Status of Reginald Claude

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1 Status of Reginald Claude on Mon May 11, 2015 11:50 am


This is a funny one.  

This little chap was born to unmarried mother Edith Mary Moore in Swindon in 1910 but he has another birth registration under the surname Stock in 1930 (have the cert)

His mother married Albert Harold Bartlett Stock in 1912.  
Why there was another birth registered in 1930 when the child was an adult I don't know.  

My father knew him well as he taught him to drive and always believed he lived with an Aunt as a small child.

However in 1911 he is with some Strange people (Strange surname not in persona one hopes)  

Robert Thomas 33 head
Annie 31 wife
Walter Ernest 19 brother
Reginald Claude Moore 9 months

Now the question of connection - ancestry has him as Foreman child  Question Do you think it could be Friends child?

Either way is odd if he was dumped on friends rather than relatives.
His mother by the way is working as a domestic in London in 1911.


2 Re: Status of Reginald Claude on Mon May 11, 2015 1:46 pm

I think it says "Friends child".

If he was b. 1910 and re-registered in 1930, he'd "only" be 20, so under the magic age of 21 and maybe, if Mr Stock had essentially been his dad for 18 years, he wanted to change his surname from Moore to Stock.  Although, I've looked for a birth reg in 1910 and can't find one under Moore in Swindon. Edited: Found it now. Doh!

Maybe the Strange folk were only looking after him temporarily before he was handed over to the Aunt your father remembers talk of?

Not necessarily odd to be with friends rather than family.  I suspect it was a question of who was willing/had the money/general wherewithal etc.  One of my great uncles became a widower in 1912 with two small children.  Did his father or any of his 13 siblings take them in?  Nope.  When he was KIA in 1916, the children were c/o a Mrs Starkey.  Absolutely no idea who she was.  


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3 Re: Status of Reginald Claude on Mon May 11, 2015 10:22 pm


Thanks yes the Strange's could have been temporary keepers. I see from the 1911 they hadn't any children of their own.

Mrs Starkey wonder who she was then and how long she looked after them.

Mysteries abound Basketball

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