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Mystery lady

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1 Mystery lady on Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:20 pm


Have very little on this lady Florence Ada Elkington who married in Oxford 1873 to Edmund Bryan Eady.

She had 2 children

Thomas Edmund Eady Oxford 1874
Florence Ada Eady Oxford 1876

Her husband is run over by a cart in 1877 and dies age 29.

In 1881/1891 son Thomas is living with his uncle Bryan Eady.

In 1881/1891 daughter Florence is boarding at a school.  She goes on to be a head teacher but remains single and is never living with any family.

Can't find anything about the mother Florence Ada Elkington apart from a possible 1871 census in Oxford where she is down as Ada 19 single and working as a servant.  This lady was born Headington Oxon.

Her husband to be was also in Oxford working as a servant in 1871.

Don't have any certificates to confirm any of this and I should stress there was another bride and groom on the marriage in 1873.
Educated guess the bride was Florence Ada and not the other bride because their daughter was named Florence Ada.

If anyone can find anything on the mother pre 1873 or what became of her after would be grateful.

2 Re: Mystery lady on Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:06 pm

Hum! Mystery woman indeed. Nothing popping up for me immediately. Will look again later.


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3 Re: Mystery lady on Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:03 pm


Found a bit more which might put us on the right track.

In 1881 there's a nephew Edmund Eady age 3 and I noticed in the same household is an Albert Elkerton age 10 stepson.

Marriage 1872 Thomas Crawford Ann Elkerton.

In 1871 Albert is with a very young grandfather Richard Elkerton 31 Exclamation
his daughter Ann 24 and son Thomas 16.  

Surnames are so similar I wondered if Ann was sister to Florence Ada and ta da looking for the family in 1861 found this.

Richard Elkestow  52
Sarah Elkestow  48
Ann Elkestow  12
Florance A Elkestow  9
Thomas James Elkestow  6

I think that has to be Flo cheers but it doesn't resolve what happened to her after she married.

4 Re: Mystery lady on Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:21 am


In 1881 there's a nephew Edmund Eady age 3 and I noticed in the same household is an Albert Elkerton age 10 stepson.

Just to update I think he was another child of Edmund & Florence born 1878 after his father died.

Likelihood is Florence died too before 1881 as the children are all split up but just can't find a death for her.

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